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Shop breast pumps, supplies and accessories from top brands at an affordable price. Find the brand and product that you are looking for by selecting one of the categories above. Whether you need a milk storage container, breast pump or a nursing cover, we have everything you are looking for! Breast pumps are important maternity items and are a must-have maternity essential as soon as the baby arrives. A working mother needs it the most - extracting milk either before leaving for .

Our breast pump specialists will verify your insurance benefits, get your prescription, file your insurance claim, and walk you through the setup and proper use of your breast pump so you feel confident every step of the way. The process is simple. Shop online and put our fabulous WHBaby Breast Pump, maternity support and any other retail. The Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump is a closed-system, single-user pump intended to help mothers to safely and effectively express and store her milk when she is unable to nurse directly.

Breast pump benefits. GEHA's breast-pump contracted provider is Homelink. You can order a breast pump by calling Homelink at 800.482.1993. GEHA covers at 100% one double-channel electric breast pump with double suction capability with a physician's prescription every two years. You must obtain the breast pump and supplies from Homelink. A manual breast pump while pregnant or for the duration of breastfeeding, if you have not received an electric or a manual breast pump in the last three years ; Another set of breast pump supplies if you get pregnant again before you are eligible for a new pump.