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In the early days Ralph, our winemaker’s dad, was helping out in the winery. He accidentally added elderberry to the tank for Razzy Rhubarb wine, which, at that point, was no longer Razzy Rhubarb wine. The story goes that his face turned red and he felt like an ass for . Is Red Ass Rhubarb available? What should I serve with Buffaloberry Fusion? Explore specific wines. Our seasonal Pumpkin Bog wine is a fine example! The Vojta tradition of winemaking extends to long before Sandi’s great-great grandparents sailed to America and settled in Dakota Territory. Sandi’s family originated in Moravia.

Style: Rhubarb and red raspberry wine. Fruit and Spiced Wine is – as may be inferred from its name – any wine that is made from fruits or vegetables other than grapes, sometimes w Stores and prices for 'Prairie Berry Winery Red Ass Rhubarb, South Dakota' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data.Style: Rhubarb and red raspberry wine. See ratings and reviews, wine tasting notes, food pairings, and find where to buy Vintage NV Prairie Berry Winery Red Blend Red Ass Rhubarb5/5.

A South Dakota Wine Winner – Red Ass Rhubarb. February 1, 2010 by Dominic Rivard. i want to order some rhubard red ass wine..tasted here in michigan and LOVED it.tart and divine!!! Chaney Rogers 09/24/2011 at 21:31. I bought some of this wine when on a trip to South Dakota. How can I . Red Ass Rhubarb is a very popular wine from Prairie Berry Winery. The Black Hills winery makes it from 90% rhubarb and 10% raspberry. That makes for a sweet but slightly puckery wine. We love to serve this wine cold and is usually a crowd pleaser.