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Jun 19, 2017 · Comfort — wearing a diaper can help avoid much of the discomfort felt when bladder leaks happen in regular clothing. Less stress — with adult diapers, the worry of clothing stains goes down. They also resolve the anxiety of constantly searching for a Author: UPMC. I wear diapers out to the bar, with friends, to parties, and sometimes to work (when I can get away with it). I wear them to go to sleep at night. When a lot of people have a fetish, they fixate on something sexual. But for me, wearing a diaper makes me feel so loved and cute and cared for. Its more of a comfort thing than a sexual thing.

Aug 21, 2015 · For many adult babies and diaper lovers it is the sense of freedom, comfort and security that helps them to relax. Below are listed some great benefits of wearing adult diapers: Comfort of wearing diapers. Helps to relax you. Convenience of using a . Yes, some adult people need to wear diapers if they are facing problem of incontinence. People get into trouble if they are travelling or attending any long time function like musical event. Adult diapers are ideal for patients suffering from Prostate disorder, Piles, Incontinence, and Diabetics.

For a person who is a diaper lover wearing diapers is not in itself a fetish. When wearing them takes on a more aggressive nature in affect for sexual gratification that is when it becomes the fetish. When it comes to Infantilism this is a paraphillia which is a derivative of the fetish. If an adult likes to wear diapers this is called infantilism. this can be part of role playing. not everyone that likes to wear diapers is into infantilism. some called diaper lovers are just into.