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Following adult strabismus surgery, patients can expect to take anti-infection eye drops and try to reduce swelling, according to Massachusetts Eye and Ear from the Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. Both eyes remain red for one to two weeks after surgery, and the redness may not completely disappear for several months. POST-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS FOR STRABISMUS SURGERY Glen M. Bianchi, MD Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Westwood Ophthalmology Associates (201) 666-4014 (1) ICE / COLD COMPRESSES: Please try to apply ice cold compresses to the operated eye(s) for the first 24 hours following surgery as frequently as possible.

Chapter 14: What to Expect After Strabismus (Eye Muscle) Surgery A Patient & Parent Guide to Strabismus Surgery George R. Beauchamp, M.D. This and the following (15 & 16) chapters are written by time sequence, and describe events, what to expect after strabismus (eye muscle) surgery; but it should not be read that way.In other words, understanding these matters prior to surgery should be. Strabismus surgery is a surgical procedure that helps to tighten or loosen the eye muscles in order to change the alignment of the patient’s eyes in relation to each other.

Oct 05, 2015 · According to a paper by Burt Kushner, MD, “Strabismus surgery in adults achieves satisfactory alignment with one operation in approximately 80 percent of patients, depending on the specific nature of the problem. Risks of adult strabismus surgery are relatively low, and serious complications are anecdotal and rare.Author: Michelle Stephenson, Contributing Editor. May 01, 2017 · Strabismus surgery, or eye muscle surgery to realign the eyes, is done on an outpatient basis, so patients are able to go home an hour or two after the surgery is done. Because strabismus surgery is done under general anesthesia, patients will be Author: Matt Weed.