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Dec 29, 2015 · The patterns I enjoy knitting the most are the top down seamless raglan, which I worked and changed until I had the proportions just right. It is like magic cast on so many, work the neck ribbing, divide for sleeves, front and back, and viola, a sweater. The pattern seemed to work for any size sweater knit the yoke longer and the sweater is larger.4.5/5(4). Adult Sweaters: Knitting Seamless Raglan Top Down. by Mary Rich Goodwin.

This adult pullover sweater is knit from the top down seamlessly, but what makes it different, is there are no raglan lines. The yoke is smooth and. Aug 14, 2016 · Improv: A basic pattern for a top-down seamless sweater. Knitting a basic sweater from the neck down is one of the easiest ways to gain an understanding of how sweater shaping works, which builds your confidence as a knitter and enables you to begin modifying published patterns to your liking or to knit without a pattern.

May 16, 2017 · Top-Down Tops: 15 Free Knit Top Patterns. Streamlined Striped Sweater – The stripes in this knit sweater pattern are flattering and fun! Summer Stars Top – This short-sleeved knit top is great for spring and summer. Summer Night Cowl Sweater – An elegant sweater that’s Reviews: 8. Knit From the Top Down: 16 Sweater Knitting Patterns. Along with the ability to try it on as you go, comes the chance to make the necessary, last-minute alterations to the pattern once you find it doesn't fit. This means if you stick to knitting top down patterns, your sweater knitting patterns will always fit and flatter your body in the best away possible.Author: Caitlin Eaton, Editor, Allfreeknitting.Com.