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Depression can range from mild to severe. Doctors used to call the milder forms “dysthymia” if it lasted for at least 2 years in adults (1 year in children and teens). Now, it’s called. It can sap the energy of not only the person who's depressed, but also those who love him. In extreme cases, suicide can be the outcome. Fortunately, a loved one can emerge from depression, looking forward to the rest of his life. If you are the parent of an adult child who is depressed, you can help your loved one recover.

7 Ways to Recognize Depression in 20-Somethings. and forming a foundation to build a future career and adult life are all part of the challenges to people in their 20s that could make them Author: Cari Nierenberg. Several ways you can help an older adult with depression is to: Offer support, understanding, patience, and encouragement. Help keep track of his or her appointments and weekly “pillbox” if possible because many older adults with depression may not be thinking clearly.

Oct 08, 2018 · Parents of a depressed adult can clarify, with the help of a mental health specialist, how much assistance to give their depressed offspring. A depressed older person’s loved ones can help Author: Amy Carmosino.