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Home; Adult Care; Adult Care. How do I know if I am eligible for long-term care in my home or residential settings? How do I pay for long-term care? Can you help me find a long-term care facility in WA State? Adult Care. Quick Links. Long-Term Care Services and Information. Long-Term Care Professionals & Providers. Reporting Abuse. Many people don’t know about the many services, programs and resources available to help an adult continue to live at home. Often, these services are the first avenue to explore. Learn more about: the types of services and programs available that help an adult remain at home. who to contact to get in-home .

This program is considered a nursing diversion program, delaying or preventing nursing home placement. Program participants may live at home, an adult family home, an adult residential care facility, or an assisted living facility. This option also allows for self-direction, including the hiring of a family member to provide care assistance. When looking for the right care option for themselves or a loved one, thousands of people across Washington State have chosen adult family homes. Adult Family Homes are an option providing a community based residential setting with 24 hour care and services. There are nearly 2,800 adult family homes across the state.

Specific resources may include Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, and also Adult Family Homes. Call the Aging and Disability Services Administration at 1-800-737-0617 for more details on these programs and benefits. Washington Division of Developmental Disabilities offers numerous benefits. The agency provides assistance to residents. Washington Assistance and Financial Aid Programs. Find how to get help, including food, rental or energy bill assistance and free health care, in all cities and counties in Washington listed below, including Seattle and Spokane.Get grants, free items or services, government assistance and .