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Anger Disorder: What It Is and What We Can Do About It. It is a classic anger disorder. According to a recent study by sociologist Ronald Kessler at Harvard Medical School, this anger disorder is on the rise, and may be present in more than fifteen million Americans. And this is . Jul 24, 2017 · Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is an impulse-control disorder characterized by sudden episodes of unwarranted anger. The disorder is typified by hostility, impulsivity, and recurrent aggressive outbursts. People with IED essentially “explode” into a rage despite a lack of apparent provocation or reason.Author: Valley Behavioral Health System.

They cannot “cure” anger issues, but they do help to stabilize the mood swings that can lead to frustration and inappropriate outbursts of anger. Medication for anger management for kids. Many of the anger management medications an adult might be prescribed are not suitable for children. Aug 25, 2017 · Jeffrey L. Tate, MD. ADD is usually due to genetic causes resulting in low dopamine functioning in the front of the brain. excessive anger, temper outbursts. Intermittent explosive disorder — Learn about symptoms, causes and treatment of this violent problem. Coccaro E. Intermittent explosive disorder in adults.

A mental disorder whose symptoms include lashing out in aggressively verbal or violent ways has recently been found to be nearly twice as common as previously thought. The research has sparked debate within the psychological community about the diagnosing of a mental illness whose symptoms overlap with normal, Author: Remy Melina. Anxiety and anger may not seem related. Anxiety is often associated with fear, and fear is considered by many to be the opposite of anger - something that people may feel they need in order to attack danger. Sometimes behind the anger are actually feelings of worry and fear, and the anger itself can become a further source of anxiety.